Madonna (Remastered) Madonna

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Label: Sire - Warner Records

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Adult Contemporary

Interpret: Madonna

Komponist: Madonna, Reggie Lucas

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  • 1Lucky Star05:36
  • 2Borderline05:21
  • 3Burning Up03:45
  • 4I Know It03:44
  • 5Holiday06:11
  • 6Think Of Me04:56
  • 7Physical Attraction06:40
  • 8Everybody04:56
  • Total Runtime41:09

Info zu Madonna (Remastered)

Although she never left it behind, it's been easy to overlook that Madonna began her career as a disco diva in an era that didn't have disco divas. It was an era where disco was anathema to the mainstream pop, and she had a huge role in popularizing dance music as a popular music again, crashing through the door Michael Jackson opened with Thriller. Certainly, her undeniable charisma, chutzpah, and sex appeal had a lot to do with that -- it always did, throughout her career -- but she wouldn't have broken through if the music wasn't so good. And her eponymous debut isn't simply good, it set the standard for dance-pop for the next 20 years. Why did it do so? Because it cleverly incorporated great pop songs with stylish, state-of-the-art beats, and it shrewdly walked a line between being a rush of sound and a showcase for a dynamic lead singer. This is music where all of the elements may not particularly impressive on their own -- the arrangement, synth, and drum programming are fairly rudimentary; Madonna's singing isn't particularly strong; the songs, while hooky and memorable, couldn't necessarily hold up on their own without the production -- but taken together, it's utterly irresistible. And that's the hallmark of dance-pop: every element blends together into an intoxicating sound, where the hooks and rhythms are so hooky, the shallowness is something to celebrate. And there are some great songs here, whether it's the effervescent "Lucky Star," "Borderline," and "Holiday" or the darker, carnal urgency of "Burning Up" and "Physical Attraction." And if Madonna would later sing better, she illustrates here that a good voice is secondary to dance-pop. What's really necessary is personality, since that sells a song where there are no instruments that sound real. Here, Madonna is on fire, and that's the reason why it launched her career, launched dance-pop, and remains a terrific, nearly timeless, listen.

While not an instant hit, as many people might think, “Madonna” debuted on Billboard 200 on the week of September 3 1983 at #190, 5 weeks after its release. A slow but steady riser, Madonna peaked after 60 weeks on the chart, the week of October 20, 1984 at #8 and it would end up as Madonna’s longest charting album on the Billboard 200 with 168 weeks, and spending a very respectable 36 weeks at the Top 40, having its final week on this chart in September 1987. As a result, “Madonna” became a huge hit, featuring 3 Top 20 singles, Holiday (#16), Borderline (#10) and Lucky Star (#4), now classic songs by Madonna. It was another hit at the sales department, with certifications of over 5 million copies only in the US (5xPlatinum). (Source:

Madonna, Vocals
Ira Siegal, Guitar
Raymond Hudson, Bass
Reggie Lucas, Guitar, Drum Programming (Linn)
Curtis Hudson, Guitar
Bashiri Johnson, Percussion
Leslie Ming, Drum Programming (Linn)
Ed Walsh, Synthesizer
Dean Gant, Synthesizer, Piano, Electric Piano
Fred Zarr, Synthesizer, Piano, Electric Piano
Bob Malach, Tenor Saxophone
Brenda White, Backing Vocals
Chrissy Faith, Backing Vocals
Gwen Guthrie, Backing Vocals
Norma Jean Wright, Backing Vocals

Produced by Reggie Lucas

Digitally remastered.

Insgesamt platzierte MADONNA in 25 Jahren außerordentlicher Karriere 10 Alben auf Platz 1 der deutschen Charts. Spektakulär war vor allem der Erfolg des Jahres 2008, als das Album "Hard Candy" und die Single "4 Minutes (Feat. Justin Timberlake)" gleichzeitig die Top-Position in Single- und Albumcharts erreichten. Ebenfalls im letzten Jahr wurde MADONNA als "erfolgreichste US-Künstlerin des Jahres 2008" gefeiert! In den USA brachte sie 37 Top-10-Hits in die Billboard-Charts, davon 12 auf Platz 1.

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