Road to the Blue Özgür Aydın

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Label: On Air

Genre: Blues

Subgenre: Bluesy Rock

Interpret: Özgür Aydın

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FLAC 44.1 $ 6,80
  • 1Impulse03:42
  • 2Skyward03:06
  • 3Road to the Blue04:24
  • 4One Street Town02:54
  • 5Silent Talk02:58
  • 6The Sun02:41
  • 7West End02:50
  • Total Runtime22:35

Info zu Road to the Blue

It’s both mysterious and colorful journey for human being to search for himself. Music guides humans who go towards their inner world through emotional concentrations in this journey. These emotional concentrations and music occupy very important places for the one who can feel and become aware of their existence by self-consciousness.

Music, that dissolves the self-alienation and transforms the loneliness to a great unity, has made great progress in wisdom of humanity by creating marvelous miracles throughout the ages. Thus, prepared with these ideas and feelings, the fifth album of the musician, "Road to the blue", describes the journey that starts with impulses and ends in the blue.

In this album, which was released under the label of "OnAir Music", as in previous albums, both the bass guitar recordings and the album cover photos were made by Cüneyt Özyurt, whose friendship with the musician goes back to the past. Photo shoots were made at the Cüneyt Özyurt Photo Studio.

Road to the Blue album recordings, consisting entirely of the musician own compositions, were made in Özgür Aydın's own studio, Supernova Music Lab, as well as mixing-mastering processes by him.

Released his first album with OnAir Music label in 2017, Özgür Aydın's previous albums were "Mystic Blues" 2017, "12th Street" 2018, "Sad Robot" 2019, "Picnic on the Moon" 2021, respectively.

Özgür Aydın

Özgür Aydın
He was born in 1977, İskenderun. He had been very keen on maths and physics through the educational years. He began to be interested in music and guitars during the high school years. After graduated from high school, he was employed in music stores, selling the LPs, CDs and Cassettes. With these experiences in this particular jobs, his interest had became a life-long passion.

In 1999, he signed up for university in Eskişehir. He had his bachelor and masters degree courses went on Physics and he worked in campus radio station as a radio programmer and archivist and also he played the guitar in a couple of bands on many stages.

He moved to Antalya in 2015 ,with this, he released his debut album “Mystic Blues” with labeled On Air Music, in July of 2017 and the other albums are “12th Street” - May 2018, “Sad Robot” -,July 2019 and “Picnic on the Moon” - February 2021. Albums recorded in his own studio, Supernova Music Lab, Antalya/Turkey.

The musicians who contributed to Picnic on the Moon album are Mert Alkaya (Bulutsuzluk Özlemi) on drums and Cüneyt Özyurt on bass.

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