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  • Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901): Nabucco, Act I:
  • 1Nabucco, Act I: Sinfonia (Live)07:00
  • 2Nabucco, Act I Scene 1: Gli arredi festivi giù cadan infranti (Live)05:02
  • 3Nabucco, Act I Scene 2: Sperate, o figli! (Live)04:44
  • 4Nabucco, Act I Scene 3: Furibondo dell'Assiria il re s’avanza (Live)00:48
  • 5Nabucco, Act I Scene 3: Come notte a sol fulgente (Live)03:09
  • 6Nabucco, Act I Scene 4: Fenena! O mia diletta! (Live)02:24
  • 7Nabucco, Act I Scene 5: Prode guerrier (Live)01:48
  • 8Nabucco, Act I Scene 5: Io t’amava! Il regno, il core (Live)03:53
  • 9Nabucco, Act I Scene 6: Lo vedeste? (Live)04:53
  • 10Nabucco, Act I Scene 7: Tremin gli insani (Live)03:26
  • 11Nabucco, Act I Scene 7: O vinti, il capo a terra! (Live)00:57
  • 12Nabucco, Act I Scene 7: Mio furor, non più costretto (Live)03:05
  • Act II:
  • 13Nabucco, Act II Scene 1: Ben io t’invenni, o fatal scritto! (Live)03:57
  • 14Nabucco, Act II Scene 1: Anch’io dischiuso un giorno (Live)03:50
  • 15Nabucco, Act II Scene 2: Chi s’avanza? (Live)01:12
  • 16Nabucco, Act II Scene 2: Salgo già del trono aurato (Live)03:21
  • 17Nabucco, Act II Scene 3: Vieni, o Levita! (Live)06:01
  • 18Nabucco, Act II Scene 4: Che si vuol? (Live)04:40
  • 19Nabucco, Act II Scene 8: S’appressan gli istanti (Live)03:31
  • 20Nabucco, Act II Scene 8: S’oda or me! (Live)02:35
  • 21Nabucco, Act II Scene 8: Chi mi toglie il regio scettro? (Live)03:25
  • Act III:
  • 22Nabucco, Act III Scene 1: È l'Assiria una regina (Live)03:43
  • 23Nabucco, Act III Scene 1: Eccelsa donna, che d'Assiria il fato reggi (Live)03:05
  • 24Nabucco, Act III Scene 3: Donna, chi sei? (Live)03:34
  • 25Nabucco, Act III Scene 3: Oh di qual onta aggravasi (Live)03:36
  • 26Nabucco, Act III Scene 3: Oh qual suono! (Live)01:09
  • 27Nabucco, Act III Scene 3: Deh perdona (Live)04:24
  • 28Nabucco, Act III Scene 4: Va’ pensiero sull'ali dorate (Live)06:19
  • 29Nabucco, Act III Scene 5: Oh chi piange? (Live)00:48
  • 30Nabucco, Act III Scene 5: Del futuro nel buio discerno (Live)03:11
  • Act IV:
  • 31Nabucco, Act IV: Introduzione (Live)01:12
  • 32Nabucco, Act IV Scene 1: Son pur queste mie membra! (Live)03:47
  • 33Nabucco, Act IV Scene 1: Dio di Giuda! (Live)03:58
  • 34Nabucco, Act IV Scene 1: Porta fatal (Live)00:58
  • 35Nabucco, Act IV Scene 2: Cadran, cadranno i perfidi (Live)02:14
  • 36Nabucco, Act IV Scene 2: Allegro assai moderato (Live)01:54
  • 37Nabucco, Act IV Scene 3: Va’! La palma del martirio (Live)00:34
  • 38Nabucco, Act IV Scene 3: Oh dischiuso è il firmamento! (Live)02:44
  • 39Nabucco, Act IV Scene 4: Divin prodigio! (Live)04:22
  • 40Nabucco, Act IV Scene 5: Su me, morente, esanime (Live)04:15
  • Total Runtime02:09:28

Info for Verdi: Nabucco (Live)

Recorded at the 2019 Festival Verdi in Parma this is a coproduction between Teatro Regio and HNK Zagreb. The powerful staging by Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte was awarded the Abbiati prize in 2018. The action takes place in 2046 on a military ship, which reminds us of an Ark. This performance has many references to the contemporary world and portays a dystopic society. Nabucco is turned into an oppressive dictator who is obsessed with his own image. The Hebrew slaves are portayed as refugees wearing life vests, while on the ship's deck there are various screens displaying the regimes propaganda.

Before starting work on "Nabucodonosor", which was later to become his iconic "Nabucco", Giuseppe Verdi was on the verge of abandoning music, discouraged by the flop of his second opera. He then received a libretto by Temistocle Solera almost by chance, as it was destined for another composer. Verdi was very reluctant to start work on the text, but later he recalled that one night he “threw the manuscript on the table […] the booklet opened. Unwillingly, my eyes were drawn to the page that was before them and onto these verses: Va, pensiero, sull’ali dorate.” So he started focusing on the task and “one day one verse, the next day another verse, a note and a phrase at a time, […] little by little the opera was composed.”

Nabucco: Amartuvshin Enkhbat
Ismaele: Ivan Magrì
Zaccaria: Michele Pertusi
Abigaille: Saioa Hernández
Fenena: Annalisa Stroppa
High Priest of Baal: Gianluca Breda
Abdallo: Manuel Perattelli
Anna: Elisabetta Zizzo
Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini
Coro del Teatro Regio di Parma
Orchestra Giovanile della Via Emilia
Francesco Ivan Ciampa, conductor
Stefano Ricci, direction

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