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Label: Carpe Diem Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Early Music

Artist: Toyohiko Satoh

Composer: Eesaias reusner (1639-1679)

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  • Elias Reusner (1639 - 1679): Suite B-Dur:
  • 1Praeludium02:13
  • 2Sonatina02:26
  • 3Allemanda03:48
  • 4Courant02:06
  • 5Sarabanda02:02
  • 6Aria01:49
  • 7Gigue01:31
  • 8Ciacona04:23
  • Suite A-moll:
  • 9Allemanda04:05
  • 10Courante02:21
  • 11Sarabanda02:00
  • 12Aria01:39
  • 13Gigue02:26
  • Suite G-moll:
  • 14Allemanda03:00
  • 15Courante01:42
  • 16Sarabanda01:51
  • 17Aria01:17
  • 18Gigue01:10
  • 19Aria II01:17
  • Suite D-Dur:
  • 20Sonatina03:44
  • 21Allemande03:04
  • 22Courant01:39
  • 23Sarabanda02:00
  • 24Gavotte01:29
  • 25Gigue02:06
  • 26Passagalia05:11
  • Total Runtime01:02:19

Info for Esaias Reusner: Lute Music

This new solo album of world-renowned Japanese lute master Toyohiko Satoh features music by the German baroque composer and lutenist Esaias Reusner (1639-1679), who published two volumes of compositions for solo lute. The pieces of this album are taken from “Neue Lautenfrüchte”.

Reusner’s style is as interesting as it is special and unusual, compared to works of his contemporaries. His pieces are mostly short, sober and pragmatic, showing a very clear and unostentatious attitude.

Toyohiko Satoh links this approach to the eastern idea of meditation and appreciation of imperfection (Wabi-Sabi). He delivers an outstanding interpretation far from trying to be virtuosic or impressive, but instead staying totally true to him- self, letting the music unfold by itself. Reusner’s music becomes a quiet musical meditation that transcends time and space.

Toyohiko Satoh, lute

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