Feather Funk (Remastered 2022 / Expanded Edition) Blue Feather

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  • 1Call Me Up (Remastered 2022)06:17
  • 2Baby Don't Say Maybe (Remastered 2022)03:40
  • 3Let's Funk Tonight (Remix / Remastered 2022)09:56
  • 4High Up To The Sky (Remastered 2022)04:06
  • 5Dance (Remastered 2022)02:56
  • 6Love Me Tonight (Remastered 2022)04:06
  • 7It's Love (Remastered 2022)08:23
  • 8Let's Funk Tonight (12" Version / Remastered 2022)08:44
  • 9Call Me Up (Single Version / Remastered 2022)03:59
  • 10Let's Funk Tonight (Single Version / Remastered 2022)03:45
  • 11It's Love (Single Version / Remastered 2022)03:59
  • 12Let It Out (MF Mastermix Single Version / Remastered 2022)04:19
  • 13Let It Out (MF Mastermix 12" Version / Remastered 2022)08:05
  • 14Let It Out (MF Mastermix Instrumental 12" Version / Remastered 2022)07:19
  • 15Let 's Funk Tonight (Second Single Version / Remastered 2022)04:30
  • 16Let 's Funk Tonight (UK Mix)06:47
  • 17It's Love (UK Mix)05:43
  • 18Let 's Funk Tonight (Special USA Mix)07:33
  • 19Keep On Dancing (Pt. 1)03:11
  • 20Keep On Dancing (Pt. 2)04:29
  • 21Let's Go Out Tonight03:36
  • Total Runtime01:55:23

Info for Feather Funk (Remastered 2022 / Expanded Edition)

Dutch soul and funk band Blue Feather was founded by brothers Ed and Ronald Brouwer in 1976. Soon Jan Willem Weeda, Dirk Nusink and Rob Hoelen joined and together they developed a mix of quality 80’s funk/disco, a unique sound for a Dutch band. The first single “It’s Love” came out in 1980 but it was the 1981 released double a-sided 12-inch with the long versions of “Call Me Up” and “Let’s Funk Tonight” that gave the band success. “Call Me Up” is a light playful vocal song while “Let’s Funk Tonight” contains a tight funk/disco groove with a long instrumental bass and drum break.

The story of Blue Feather starts in 1976 when two brothers, Ed and Ron Brouwer, started a band with some musical friends. After playing in small clubs, where they performed a repertoire of covers and own written songs they decided in 1980 to start again with a few new members. From that time they started with their own written songs and developed a new sound. The result was a mix of Latin, Funk and Pop with arrangements for several voices.

Blue Feather

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