IN WIEN - The song maker - (Live) Reinhard Mey

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Label: Odeon

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Contemporary

Artist: Reinhard Mey

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  • 1Ich wollte wie Orpheus singen (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:10
  • 2Spielmann (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:08
  • 3Das Haus an der Ampel (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)11:56
  • 4In Wien (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:11
  • 5Alter Freund (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)04:51
  • 6Glück ist, wenn du Freunde hast (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)05:36
  • 7Die erste Stunde (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)03:46
  • 8Dann mach's gut (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:18
  • 9Wir haben jedem Kind ein Haus gegeben (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)05:36
  • 10Häng Dein Herz nicht an einen Hund (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)03:57
  • 11Ich liebe es, unter Menschen zu sein (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)10:16
  • 12Dieter Malinek, Ulla und ich (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)05:46
  • 13Weißt Du noch, Etienne? (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:39
  • 14Der Vater und das Kind (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)04:26
  • 15Ich liebe dich (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)04:15
  • 16Männer im Baumarkt (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:25
  • 17Zimmer mit Aussicht (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)04:39
  • 18Gerhard und Frank (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:13
  • 19Was will ich mehr (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)05:02
  • 20Über den Wolken (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)04:08
  • 21Viertel vor sieben (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)06:03
  • 22Gute Nacht, Freunde (IN WIEN - The song maker - Live)04:30
  • 23The song maker03:22
  • Total Runtime02:12:13

Info for IN WIEN - The song maker - (Live)

An empty stage in front of a black curtain, no video walls, no teleprompter, only a microphone, a concert guitar in the cone of light. Restrained buzz of voices in the arena, falling silent at the ritual familiar to many, "to preserve the intimacy of the concert," the voice of his daughter Victoria asks from the tape, "... not to film or photograph." Applause, people will respect the request, all know they are coming for their photo when there is an encore. The hall lights go out, the spotlights come on, the singer all in black enters the stage, bows, picks up the guitar and sings "I wanted to sing like Orpheus", his first song, sixty years old it sounds like it was written yesterday.

The black hair has turned grey, but the voice sounds as it once did, and the old fire, the old joy of playing still inspire him. The happiness and gratitude of finally being back on stage after five years and singing for real people resonate in every song that will follow. They are songs from his inexhaustible repertoire, early treasures such as "Die erste Stunde", "Dieter Malinek, Ulla und ich" or "Ich liebe Dich", strung together in a well thought-out choreography that, together with the new songs from "Haus an der Ampel", tells a life story. A story of joy and sorrow, of pain and confidence, the high song of friendship and hope and love.

Moving the silence in the hall during the songs, overwhelming the emotions released in the applause. For the guest in the top tier of the arena, the singer is only as tall as a pinhead, but he misses nothing, no lightshow, no fog on stage, no scantily clad dancers, no flame-throwers. There is a lone man who steps back, puts his songs in the foreground, a puppeteer behind the curtain who lets the puppets tell the story. You only need to hear the singer, the flawless sound engineering carries his every word, every sound to the farthest place.

Reinhard Mey sings without separating in-ear-monitoring, he wants to feel every laugh, every sigh, every throat clearing, every smallest emotion of the audience, his performance is not an unwinding of a programme, it is a dialogue with the audience. He sings his songs, but the liveliness only comes from the audience's participation. For one evening, this dialogue, this harmony fills the hall until the last song. Hall lights on, three encores that people have known for a long time, that they have waited for, and that they join in with as a matter of course, a quiet song, secure in a familiar circle of friends. People know each other, are so different and yet in the same mood, have not seen each other for a long time and find themselves in these songs that evening.

All 16 concerts of the Arena Tour were recorded, all were unique and unforgettable, it was not easy to choose one. Reinhard Mey chose the last concert, the last evening in the Vienna Konzerthaus, where everything began for him over 50 years ago.

The live double album contains all 22 songs from this concert plus, as a bonus track, "The Song Maker", a song that his son-in-law, the Canadian singer-songwriter Matthew Pearn, gave him as a farewell gift on tour.

"With early works ('I wanted to sing like Orpheus'), fan favourites ('Above the Clouds', 'Good Night, Friends') and newer [...] the audience then hung spellbound on the lips of the Berliner." (STEREO)

Reinhard Mey

Reinhard Mey
When Reinhard Friedrich Michael Mey was born in Berlin on 21 December 1942, he graduated from a French grammar school in 1963 with the French Baccalaureate and the German Abitur, only the band Radish Skiffle Guys, founded in 1957, and the group Les Trois Affamés from 1961 indicated an interest in music. Training as an industrial clerk at Schering AG in Berlin and beginning a degree in business administration did not yet point to Mey's later career in music. After six semesters, music broke through and Reinhard Mey abandoned his studies for music.

In 1964, his first chanson appeared and he performed at the Festival Chanson Folklore International. In 1967 he performed for Germany at the Knokke Festival in Belgium, and it was here that he received his first, French recording contract. In the same year he started performing in clubs and released his first studio album. So far there are 26 studio albums and 13 live records. There are LPs in Dutch and in French. In France he performs under the pseudonym Frédérik Mey because of the better pronunciation.

He has been on stage more than 1300 times and played a complete concert. His tours took him through Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. He achieved double platinum with a Dutch record from 1975. His biggest success from 1972 "Mein achtel Lorbeerblatt" with which he took one of three first places in the German album charts. He repeated the success in the German charts in 2007 and 2013. He has a gold record from 1971 and many will know his hit "Über den Wolken" from 1974.

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