Be My Guest (Extended) Ténéré

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Label: Nowadays Records

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electronica

Artist: Ténéré

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FLAC 96 $ 8.00
  • 1Opening02:10
  • 2How I Feel04:02
  • 3A qui l'honneur02:49
  • 4Be My Guest02:17
  • 5And On03:03
  • 6Gone Away03:23
  • 7Living Waters03:39
  • 8Something to Come00:32
  • 9Gone Away (Mad Rey Remix)03:58
  • 10How I Feel (Monomite Remix)04:02
  • 11Living Waters (Blasé Remix)03:27
  • 12And On (Logo Remix)04:32
  • Total Runtime37:54

Info for Be My Guest (Extended)

In Be My Guest, Ténéré allows other artists such as Moka Boka, Sabrina Bellaouel, Penelope Antena, Clara Sergent to shine.

Be My Guest is an EP that gathers a constellation of emotions born from meetings and confrontations between personalities.

His influences are broad, from electronic (Just Fine, And On) to Hip Hop (A Qui l’Honneur, How I Feel, Be My Guest), or classical through jazz or gospel (Gone Away, Living Waters).

His switch from organic to analogical sounds defines him as a master in harmonies.

February 2018, hospitalized urgently after his health suddenly let go, Ténéré passes a ten days in a hospital bed. Forced to rest and in a form of confinement, the themes of the fragility of the body and the grace of life shake the cerebral life of the producer who, weaned from his machines, is surprised to write some lyrics and melodies associated.

Once restored, he gives body to the piece and makes contact with Sabrina Bellaouel to send to her a beat. The two artists do not know each other, but their worlds come together undeniably in this composition. And since everything is better, the artistic and human connection is in evidence and they decide to finish the title with 4 hands.

Done within a few weeks, Gone Away is an iconoclastic ballad that combines Gospel with Electro, it tells the fragility of life, the ephemerality of our condition, and the beauty that emerges, like this hyacinth taken from his hospital bed, which can be seen on the cover.

This collaboration armed him with a strong identity, marrying RnB and electronic music through baroque accents.


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