Cool off Chillout, Vol. 4 Sine Music (Various Artists)

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  • 1Hello04:00
  • 2Carve Our Fate03:17
  • 3Rain (Bryan Milton Remix) (Bryan Milton Remix)04:57
  • 4I Feel (Original Mix) (Original Mix)03:38
  • 5Energetic05:50
  • 6As the Rush Comes (Bryan Milton & Rayan Myers Remix) (Bryan Milton & Rayan Myers Remix)05:12
  • 7Belief (Five Seasons Remix) (Five Seasons Remix)05:15
  • 8Feel Love05:01
  • 9La Jolie04:54
  • 10Pastellstrand06:03
  • 11Endless Time06:29
  • 12Soul Exchange05:46
  • 13Together Forever03:39
  • 14Into the Light06:37
  • 15Why (Original Mix) (Original Mix)05:45
  • 16I'm the One05:19
  • 17Losing You (2016 Rework) (2016 Rework)03:58
  • 18Voyager05:34
  • 19Blue Love04:35
  • 20Ganz Leise (Tim Angrave Mix) (Tim Angrave Mix)05:36
  • 21Angeldust05:42
  • 22Heliumstern06:08
  • 23Under the Skin04:07
  • 24Alpha (Instrumental) (Instrumental)03:03
  • 25Blossom Sun05:23
  • Total Runtime02:05:48

Info for Cool off Chillout, Vol. 4

Am 19. August 2016 erscheint die neue „Cool Off Chillout Vol. 4“ bei dem Label Sine Music mit 25 brandneuen Tracks. Drei Jahre nach der letzten Ausgabe schickt das Label wieder neue Sounds ins Rennen. Thomas Lemmer, Sine, Hanky, Evadez, Boot Cut Rockers und viele mehr sind der erfrischende Ruhepol in diesem Sommer. Mit ihnen die Seele baumeln aber auch tanzen lassen. Tracks wie „Losing You“ von Avocado Cobat oder „Voyager“ von Florian Shipke , die durch ihren tanzbaren House den puren Moment zelebrieren, finden sich auf der „Cool Off Chillout Vol. 4“ ebenso wie ruhigere Tracks von Sine, Normandie oder Der Waldläufer.

‘Even, calm, relaxing, full, deep, hypnotic…’ Occasionally groovy, sometimes smooth, but always unique and distinctive. The label’s music is situated in the Chillout, Lounge, Downbeat sector.

SINE MUSIC was founded in 2008 by the two brothers Thomas and Jochen Hauser. With their production company “Cosmic Sound” they can look back at over 300 published songs and today are among the most popular producers of Chillout/Lounge/Ambient music. There are practically no Chillout-lounge compilations available today with which the brothers weren’t involved with.

SINE MUSIC would now like to offer other artists the possibility of publishing their music. Taking advantage of digital channels of distribution, their world-wide contacts, various agencies and their experience in National and International licensing laws, SINE MUSIC would assure the best possible results for new releases.

Parallel to releasing the work of individual artists, SINE MUSIC will continue to compose and release compilations. ‘Cosmic Chill Lounge Vol.2’, ‘Cool Off Chillout’ or ‘Chillbar Vol.1’ are just three of the previously released compilations which have been, and continue to be, extremely successful: reaching the iTunes European Top Ten Charts. These compilations include exclusive work of various international producers and Artists.

This album contains no booklet.

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