Anthology (Remastered) Garbage

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Label: Infectious Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

Artist: Garbage

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  • 1Vow04:30
  • 2Subhuman04:34
  • 3Only Happy When It Rains03:45
  • 4Queer04:37
  • 5Stupid Girl04:19
  • 6Milk03:54
  • 7#1 Crush04:40
  • 8Push It04:02
  • 9I Think I'm Paranoid03:38
  • 10Special03:43
  • 11When I Grow Up03:24
  • 12The Trick Is to Keep Breathing04:12
  • 13You Look So Fine (Single Version) (Single Version)03:49
  • 14The World Is Not Enough (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:57
  • 15Androgyny03:10
  • 16Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)03:12
  • 17Breaking Up the Girl03:33
  • 18Shut Your Mouth03:26
  • 19Why Do You Love Me (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:52
  • 20Bleed Like Me (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:00
  • 21Sex Is Not the Enemy (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:06
  • 22Run Baby Run (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:57
  • 23Tell Me Where It Hurts (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)04:11
  • 24Witness to Your Love (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:39
  • 25Blood for Poppies03:39
  • 26Battle in Me04:15
  • 27Automatic Systematic Habit03:18
  • 28Big Bright World03:35
  • 29Control04:12
  • 30Empty (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:54
  • 31Magnetized (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)03:54
  • 32Even Though Our Love is Doomed (2022 Remaster) (2022 Remaster)05:26
  • 33No Horses05:23
  • 34The Men Who Rule the World04:29
  • 35No Gods No Masters04:31
  • Total Runtime02:19:46

Info for Anthology (Remastered)

"Anthology" is the band’s first “Best Of” collection in fifteen years and features material from across GARBAGE’s impressive career spanning nearly 30 years. "Anthology" features songs from their 1995 debut album ‘Garbage’ through tracks from their recent critically acclaimed 2021 album ‘No Gods No Masters’. The release also includes the rare track ‘Witness To Your Love’ as well as original artwork by Chilean artist Javi Mi Amor, who also collaborated with the band on ‘No Gods No Masters’.

Shirley Manson about "Anthology": “This anthology is a testament to nearly three decades of creative work together, our collective tenacity, and our appalling ability as a group to endure ritualistic humiliation on a regular basis. Notwithstanding the inevitable changes and tides in the music industry, we’re surprised we’re still here, making records and touring the globe. This is in no small part a result of the amazing support we’re receiving from our fans. Our love and thanks to everyone, for everything.”

"Anthology" includes all the classic GARBAGE hits you would expect such as ‘Stupid Girl’, ‘Queer’, ‘Only Happy When It Rains’, ‘Special’ and fan favourite ‘The Trick Is to Keep Breathing’. Also included is the brilliant Bond song ‘The World Is Not Enough’, ‘#1 Crush’, her now iconic contribution to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and her latest politically charged singles ‘No Gods No Masters’ and ‘The Men Who Rule The World’. About ‘The Men Who Rule The World’

Shirley Manson says: “The words just came out as we were recording. The movement in South America where women took to the streets, stood in front of their government buildings, and put their fists in the air demanding change inspired the song. We are all in this moment, in which we recognize that something is seriously broken in our culture”.


Digitally remastered

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