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FLAC 96 $ 13.50
  • 1Strawberry Lemonade04:24
  • 2Endangered Birds03:57
  • 3Rubberneckers03:28
  • 4Sitting Up With A Sick Friend03:19
  • 5Age Difference05:07
  • 6Blank Check04:32
  • 7Cherry03:32
  • 8State Bird02:50
  • 9Teddy's Song03:41
  • 10Black Cat02:47
  • 11Creature Feature03:50
  • 12OCDemon02:30
  • 13Triple Axel02:29
  • Total Runtime46:26

Info for Quitters

Christian Lee Hutson starts his new album Quitters with a laugh. In this follow up to his ANTI records debut, Beginners, Hutson moves away from the focus on growing up to the dread and complications of growing older.

The laugh that announces Quitters is the kind you’ll find at the end of John Huston films, one of resignation and release, and somehow a cosmic laugh that says “California,” a place where lonely people gather together like birds.

Across Quitters’ 13 tracks, Hutson crafts this portrait of the place he’s from. In these short story-like songs, Hutson presents characters who carry this golden light and sinister geography inside them. It’s a place where everything in the end gets blown away and paved over with something new, where even the ocean and fires are always whispering, “One day we’ll take it all back.” This is a Los Angeles in constant transition, where childhood is lost, where home is gone and can never be visited again. Yet Hutson’s world is also one of happy accidents, where doors are left open on purpose, hoping that someone new will walk through. In the end, what’s left are these songs created by some future spirit, written to comfort the person we are now.

Produced by Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, Quitters is also a departure from the digital recording of his debut. Hutson stated, “When we made Beginners the aim was to make simple digital recordings of how I would play the songs in the room. With this record, Phoebe and Conor had an idea that it would be fun to make it to tape. Phoebe is my best friend and making Beginners with her was so comfortable and easy. So I wanted to work with her again.”

“I took a long time with Beginners,” Hutson added. “I had those songs for 10 years, but these songs came out a lot faster.” Because the songs from Quitters were written in a shorter time, “there was a little bit of insecurity with the lyrics. Having Conor there served the purpose of someone who I really respect as a lyricist and could soothe my anxiety.”

Christian Lee Hutson

Christian Lee Hutson
Over the past few years, Los Angeles-based musician Christian Lee Hutson has been trying to Figure It Out. Between constantly writing songs, touring worldwide, and playing in bands, he’s always stayed really busy — albeit somewhat scattered. But in the midst of all this, Christian is quietly becoming some of your favourite artists’ new favourite artist.

One of those noteworthy fans is Phoebe Bridgers. The two friends spent 2018 hanging out, writing songs together and walking the Silverlake Reservoir. Christian co-wrote a song on the Boygenius EP and co-wrote two songs on the Better Oblivion Community Center LP. In July, Phoebe brought him to the Eaux Claires Festival. Christian ended up performing his own set and suddenly members of Bon Iver were talking about his songs. Somewhere along the way, Phoebe told Christian that she’d like to produce his new album.

Recorded at Sound City Studios, produced by Phoebe Bridgers, engineered/mixed by Joseph Lorge (Blake Mills, Perfume Genius), and with contributions from Nathaniel Walcott (Bright Eyes), the album is Christian Lee Hutson brought into focus. The songs are presented without any external noise or distractions, in the way which made some of your favourite artists fall in love with them.

“Northsiders” is the first preview of the forthcoming, still untitled new album. Across the poignant track, gentle melodies and soft strings underscore Christian’s conversational lyricism and wry humour – offering a glimpse of what’s still to come.

This album contains no booklet.

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