Ports Of Pleasure (Mono Remastered Version) Les Baxter

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Label: Capitol Records

Genre: Easy Listening

Subgenre: Lounge

Artist: Les Baxter

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  • 1Tahiti: A Summer Night At Sea (Mono)02:32
  • 2Hong Kong Cable Car (Mono)02:49
  • 3Gates Of Annam (Mono)04:41
  • 4Shanghai Rickshaw (Mono)01:17
  • 5Tramp Steamer To Singapore (Mono)03:28
  • 6Spice Islands Sea Birds (Mono)01:48
  • 7City Of Veils (Mono)04:16
  • 8Monkey Dance Of Bali (Mono)01:36
  • 9Harem Silks From Bombay (Mono)02:26
  • 10Sidewalk Cafes Of Saigon (Mono)02:39
  • 11Pearls Of Ceylon (Mono)03:26
  • 12Bangkok Cockfight (Mono)02:33
  • Total Runtime33:31

Info for Ports Of Pleasure (Mono Remastered Version)

Here's Les Baxter's incredible 1957 exotica album "Ports Of Pleasure".

"Here, in an album of compositions by [Les] Baxter, he calls forth fascinating impressions of the mysterious East -- those small dots on the globe where one's index finger lingers longest." Hard to top that, suffice it to say that Ports of Pleasure evokes a Far East that seems almost mythical, Baxter's exotic melodies and Technicolor arrangements beautifully evoke an Orient as alien as it is intoxicating, where elephants lumber through city squares, monkey butlers await your every command and nothing is exactly as it seems. Titles like "Tramp Steamer to Singapore," "City of Veils" and "Harem Silks of Bombay" perfectly capture the cinematic precision of Baxter's artistry, yet Ports of Pleasure is, above all, a journey to the center of the mind. (Liner notes)

Les Baxter (1922-1996) used to be an utterly talented composer and bandleader who was on the go to the max during his active years. His version and as I should say vision of jazz music was a contemporary fresh and colorful sound with an exotic vibe due to the use of many elements of latin music within a modernized big band sound.

We speak of the exotica and space age era when jazz music became more than just a few musicians on stage in a back street pub sweating their life out while improvising. He draws inspiration from the various swing orchestras of the late 1920s and combines this lush big band approach with a hot south American groove that shows an affinity for Cuban club music, for mambo and salsa.

The latter is of course the field of expertise for which Les Baxter is particularly loved to this day, but particularly well-known he is for another feat, namely the metamorphosis of Margeruite Monnot's French chanson La Goualante Du Pauvre Jean into The Poor People Of Paris. A smash hit in 1956, Capitol Records of course were eager to let the composer build on that more mundane and earthen approach.

Les Baxter and his Orchestra

Digitally remastered

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