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Label: Genuin

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Combo CAM

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FLAC 96 $ 12.40
  • Anonymous:
  • 1Einzug00:23
  • 2Hija mía (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)03:30
  • Giovanni Legrenzi (1626 - 1690):
  • 3Legrenzi: La divisione del mondo: Lumi, potete piangere (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)03:54
  • Anonymous:
  • 4Blätter00:30
  • 5Codex Martínez Compañón (Excerpts Arr. for Chamber Ensemble): No. 7, Tonada el diamante00:57
  • 6Codex Martínez Compañón (Excerpts Arr. F. Merkel for Chamber Ensemble): No. 19, Cachua serranita01:48
  • 7Hefeteig00:53
  • 8Cuando el rey Nimrod (Arr. M. Steuber for Chamber Ensemble)03:52
  • Francesca Caccini (1587 - 1640):
  • 9Caccini: Primo libro delle musiche: No. 11, Io mi distruggo, et ardo (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)05:23
  • Anonymous:
  • 10Apfelkuchen00:38
  • Andrea Falconieri (1585 - 1656):
  • 11Falconieri: Il primo libro di canzone, sinfonie, fantasie, capricci, brandi, correnti, gagliarde, alemane, volte: No. 25, Folias echa para mi Señora Doña Tarolilla de Carallenos (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)03:16
  • Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583 - 1643):
  • 12Frescobaldi: Arie musicali, F 7, Book 1: No. 15, Se l'aura spira tutta vezzosa03:04
  • Anonymous:
  • 13Konfekt00:29
  • Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco (1644 - 1728):
  • 14Velasco: Desvelado dueño mío (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)04:46
  • 15Velasco: Quando el bien que adoro (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)03:28
  • Anonymous:
  • 16Tee und Nüsse00:14
  • 17Codex Martínez Compañón (Excerpts Arr. for Chamber Ensemble): No. 8, Tonada la lata02:18
  • 18Señora Doña María (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)03:06
  • 19Mikrofonständer00:28
  • Tarquinio Merula (1595 -1665):
  • 20Merula: Sentirete una canzonetta sopra al bel bocchin (Arr. for Chamber Ensemble)05:04
  • Anonymous:
  • 21Los bilbilicos cantan (Arr. M. Steuber for Chamber Ensemble)05:38
  • Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695):
  • 22Purcell: Oedipus, Z. 583: No. 2, Musick for a While (Arr. M. Steuber for Chamber Ensemble)03:53
  • Anonymous:
  • 23Auszug00:57
  • Total Runtime58:29

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Combo CAM presents a GENUIN album full of rarities: music from all over the world, from Peru to Sephardic Spain, and from Frescobaldi to Purcell. The early music ensemble's instrumentation, with its richly colored percussion, plucked instruments, recorders, and voice, is unusual; the tailor-made arrangements are unique! An added extra of the production is Doris Meeresbüchner, the "soul" of Combo CAM, who guides listeners and readers of the booklet through the program in her characteristic style.

Combo CAM

Combo CAM
founded in fall 2016 in Leipzig, Germany, is dedicated prevailingly to baroque music from France, Italy, Spain, and South America and music from other cultural areas. Viola Blache, Friederike Merkel, babett Niclas, Antje Nuernberger, Martin Steueber, and Hannes Malkowski met through college in Leipzig. They presented their first program ‘The Real Baroque Book – Standards and other Secret Hits from the 17th century from France, Italy, Spain, and South America’ at the youth competition SPIELWIESE of the Cologne Festival for Early Music. For this performance, the ensemble ventured to enter new cabaret territory and led the fictional character Doris Meeresbuechner guide through the program with her unique, lovable, yet odd manners. Combo CAM won this competition and is since guest at different festivals.

Combo CAM is ready to accept new challenges, re-interpret and combine early music with the unusual.

Currently, the ensemble is developing a new program addressing the genius Leonardo da Vinci as well as it is working on an arrangement of Bach's Goldberg Variationen.

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