Gábor Csordás, Vince Bartók, Tamás Hidász

Biography Gábor Csordás, Vince Bartók, Tamás Hidász

Gábor Csordás
A jazz pianist and electronic music producer who navigates stormy weathers where the waves of funk, jazz and electronic music meet. A world-traveler and experienced adventurer who is always searching for new possibilities of discovery.

Vince Bartók
is a Budapest, Hungary based professional bass guitarist, composer and teacher. He is employed in many styles such as jazz, latin, funk, hip-hop, R&B , pop and big band music. Vince learned jazz-bass guitar in high school and he graduated Jazz Bass Artist Bachelor and Master degree at Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest.

Tamás Hidász
is a versatile drummer who is swimming in the polyrhythmic ideas and is providing a tasteful presentation of not only jazz and jazz-rock, but also disco and hip hop-influenced beats, besides drumming in a transparent and natural way to accompany the soloists.

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