HIGHRESAUDIO is integrated in the following manufacturers:

HiFi Manufacturers:

  • AURALiC: (HRA Streaming, HRA VirtualVault)
  • ARCAM: CD27, CDS50, UDP411, Solo Movie, Solo Music, Solo Uno (HRA Streaming)
  • AVM: OVATION products with X-STREAM (HRA Streaming)
  • Ayon Audio (HRA Streaming)
  • Bluesound: (HRA Download Manager)
  • Burmester Audiosysteme: (HRA Download Manager)
  • Cocktail Audio: X35, X50, X45, X45Pro, N15, X14 (HRA Download Manager, HRA Streaming)
  • dCS: Vivaldi One, dCS Rossini Player, dCS Rossini DAC, dCS Bartók DAC sowie dCS Bartók Headphone DAC (HRA Streaming)
  • HiFi Akademie: (HRA Streaming)
  • Lindemann: NETWORK Streamer (HRA Streaming)
  • Mark Levinson: (HRA Streaming)
  • Melco: (HRA Download Manager)
  • MOON by Simaudio (HRA Streaming)
  • NAD: (HRA Download Manager)
  • Phonosophie: (HRA Streaming)
  • Pro-Ject: Stream Box S2 Ultra (HRA Streaming)
  • SHARP: Smart Audio (HRA Streaming)
  • Tivoli Audio: (HRA Streaming)
  • Volumio: Primo, Primo Hifi-Edition (HRA Streaming)
  • x-odos: (HRA Download Manager, HRA VirtualVault, HRA Streaming)

Software Players:

  • Audirvana: (HRA VirtualVault, HRA Streaming)
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