Really Really Happy (Remastered) The Muffs

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Label: Omnivore Recordings

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

Interpret: The Muffs

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FLAC 44.1 $ 14,40
  • 1Freak Out02:02
  • 2A Little Luxury02:17
  • 3Really Really Happy02:54
  • 4Something Inside02:03
  • 5Everybody Loves You02:11
  • 6Don't Pick on Me02:38
  • 7And I Go Pow02:39
  • 8My Lucky Day03:03
  • 9Fancy Girl02:41
  • 10How I Pass the Time02:35
  • 11Slow02:27
  • 12I'm Here I'm Not02:04
  • 13The Whole World03:23
  • 14My Awful Dream02:47
  • 15By My Side02:14
  • 16Oh Poor You01:34
  • 17The Story of Me03:08
  • 18My Whore (Bonus Track)01:55
  • 19Uh Oh (Bonus Track)02:06
  • 20Under in the Covers in Jammies (Bonus Track)02:35
  • 21My Imagination (Bonus Track)02:53
  • 22Just the Beginning (Bonus Track)00:34
  • 23I Hate Gym (Bonus Track)01:24
  • 24Really Really Happy (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:58
  • 25Freak out (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:08
  • 26Everybody Loves You (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:12
  • 27Something Inside (Demo) [Bonus Track]01:58
  • 28And I Go Pow (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:34
  • 29Don't Pick on Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:38
  • 30The Story of Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:21
  • 31A Little Luxury (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:18
  • 32By My Side (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:18
  • 33Fancy Girl (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:49
  • 34How I Pass the Time (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:09
  • 35I'm Here I'm Not (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:04
  • 36Even Now (Demo) [Bonus Track]03:03
  • 37Slow (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:22
  • 38My Lucky Day (Demo) [Bonus Track]02:22
  • 39Oh Poor You (Demo) [Bonus Track]01:29
  • Total Runtime01:31:50

Info zu Really Really Happy (Remastered)

“Really Really Happy is the album that kicks off the second phase of The Muffs career.” So begins Roy McDonald’s liner notes for the expanded reissue of the band’s fifth album. After eight years and four albums, The Muffs had written, recorded, and toured non-stop. After a break, the group was ready to do it all again, and was approached by friends (and sisters in law) Charlotte Caffey (Go-Go’s) and Anna Waronker (that dog), who had just started their own label – Five Foot Two Records. McDonald, bassist Ronnie Barnett, and singer/guitarist/songwriter Kim Shattuck had a new home, and were ready to do it all again.

Really Really Happy arrived in 2004 to rave reviews. Now, nearly two decades later, it returns as an remastered release.

Barnett’s notes begin “Dear Kim, This is the first project we’ve put together since you went away and I can’t say it’s been easy. The task of what, if any, extra stuff to include with this reissue was daunting but you, still ever present and in your own indomitable way, somehow ended up making it easy.”

"When the Muffs finished their 1999 tour obligations, they were at a low point. No manager, no label, seemingly not many career prospects left. It would have been easy to give up the game after eight solid years and four sterling albums of punk-meets-power pop goodness. They weren't quite ready to pack it in, though, and kept playing the occasional show, even while the band's leader, Kim Shattuck, formed a new group with cub's Lisa Marr called the Beards. At the same time, she kept cranking out songs for the Muffs, and after the band hooked up with Five Foot Two, the label run by Anna Waronker and Charlotte Caffey, they got a chance to record them. To make Really Really Happy, the group eschewed the studio experience -- which hadn't always been pleasant in the past -- and tracked everything except the drums in Shattuck's kitchen. The new recording setup doesn't change much; the band still deliver crunchy and raw slices of punk powered by Shattuck's gnarly guitar and sugar-snarled vocals. There is a layer of grunge gloss missing from the mix, and that's just fine. The band were able to make it through that era with their facilities intact, and some might even say they sound more immediate and pop-friendly without the fancy studio treatment. Shattuck certainly sounds at the top of her game vocally, spitting out venom on tough rockers like "Freak Out" or "The Whole World." She also proves up to some of the stylistic gambles the Muffs take. The bouncy put-down "Don't Pick On Me" is a rollicking blast, "Something Inside" is a painfully honest ballad that is well served by the stripped-down production, "My Awful Dream" proves that the band are just as powerful minus electricity, and the doo wop-meets-sea shanty "Fancy Girl" is a showcase for Shattuck's more intimate vocal style. Add in a few glimmering pop songs ("Everybody Loves You," "How I Pass the Time") that float by on a cloud, and it makes for a set that explores more sides of the band than any album that came before. It may lack some of the thumping power of earlier work, but it makes up for it with variety and some truly great songs. Really Really Happy is the start of the second half of the band's career, and it's a really, really strong record." (Tim Sendra, AMG)

Kim Shattuck, guitar, vocals, harmonica
Ronnie Barnett, bass
Roy McDonald, drums, percussion
Additional musicians:
Ronnie Barnett, toy piano
Brian Kehew, organ on "My Lucky Day"
Kevin Sutherland, background vocals on "Don't Pick On Me", and to Kristen Shattuck on "My Lucky Day" and "Oh Poor You"
Greg Saunders, background vocals on "Don't Pick On Me", and to Kristen Shattuck on "My Lucky Day" and "Oh Poor You"

Produced and engineered by Kim Shattuck

Digitally remastered

The Muffs
are a rock band based in Southern California, formed in 1991. After releasing their initial 7" EPs and singles independently and on local labels, The Muffs signed to Warner Bros in the early '90s. The band was heavily promoted along with acts such as Mudhoney in the hope of repeating the commercial success of Green Day. Despite the wide exposure afforded by appearing on a wide variety of movie soundtracks ("Clueless" director Amy Heckerling, in particular, had taken a keen interest in their songs) as well as a lucrative Fruitopia commercial, The Muffs were eventually dropped from the label. The Muffs have since continued to release new records on various independent labels. The Muffs' leader is singer-songwriter Kim Shattuck. The original lineup also included guitarist Melanie Vammen (like Shattuck, a former member of 1980s all-female garage rock outfit The Pandoras), bassist Ronnie Barnett and drummer Criss Crass. Vammen and Crass left after the band's self-titled debut album. Crass was replaced by Jim Laspesa for their 1993 tour with the Goo Goo Dolls, and later by Roy McDonald in 1994. Ironically, McDonald's former band Redd Kross had released a 1987 single, "Play My Song," whose chorus was viewed by many as directed toward The Pandoras, who had recently moved into a hair metal direction: "No metal sluts or punk rock ruts for me, oh no." The Muffs have been a 3-piece since 1995 with members Kim Shattuck, Ronnie Barnett and Roy McDonald. The Muffs are currently taking a long break from music but have announced they have not broken up. A character on Mr. Show (HBO, 1995-1999) was named Dr. Shattuck, this was a reference to the lead singer of The Muffs.

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