Bonus / loyalty points

Benefit and profit from every album (except Offers, Nice Price offers and EPs (mini albums)) that you purchase. Your loyalty to us is rewarded with bonus / loyalty points (real cash credit). Actually, we will credit real money to your account, which you can cash-in already with your next purchase.

It's very simple: Straight after you've paid for your order, the bonus / loyalty points (see credit table below) will be credited to your account. An overview of your received bonus / loyalty points and credits is available to you under My Account -> Credit.

You can collect the bonus / loyalty points to add up to the value of an album and / or pay with your credit or you can use your credit and pay the difference with your credit card. Just check „Credit" and another "Payment Type" and only the difference will be deducted from you payment type.

The good news is: You can decide, when to cash-in your credit for HighRes-Music.

This is how we reimburse you with our bonus / loyalty points:

Album priceBonus pointsCredits
$ 15.0050$ 0.40
$ 16.5050$ 0.40
$ 17.50100$ 0.80
$ 21.00100$ 0.80
$ 23.00100$ 0.80
$ 30.00150$ 1.20
$ 36.00200$ 1.60
$ 60.00300$ 2.40
$ 130.001000$ 8.00
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